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Within the world of social media, LinkedIn is the platform solely dedicated to business.
Ideal for those looking for and offering work, but also for implementing B2B strategies for your company, LinkedIn is a complex universe with great potential.

A channel for B2B
The first, general rule is to always keep in mind that we are moving on a channel designed for b2b, or a channel designed for communication between companies and professionals, not strictly between people. LinkedIn is the space in which to find new customers, collaborators, and to make your products known to other companies. As a rule, it’s not the space in which to talk about one’s private life. In fact, brands that tend to have an ironic and informal communicative register on other social networks, adopt a decidedly more formal style here.

In short, LinkedIn is not Facebook and cannot be used in the same way.

(ITA) Linkedin se usato al meglio è uno strumento utilissimo per i professionisti alla ricerca di lavoro e le aziende alla ricerca di partner business

Businesses and people
In terms of general possibilities, the network is divided into two large virtual groups: LinkedIn for individuals and LinkedIn for companies.
The first is made up of the personal profiles that are configured as real online resumes, the second is composed of company pages onto which a business and its employees are presented. Both categories can publish updates (actual posts) and connect with company and personal profiles.

The connections
The real strength of this social network are the connections, the people or companies that you follow or follow you (your audience at large). You can view your audience’s posts on the bulletin board, since it’s the platform itself that suggests them, based on interests, work experience and, business area in which you placed yourself. A LinkedIn profile therefore aims at professionalism, from the choice of profile photos to created content. It is a space where you can bring out the best skills and strengths of your brand, sharing the goals of your company or career and talking about news and experiences that may be useful to others. The cover image of the profile will be the first thing that all users will see as well as the description of the page (2000 characters). The image you use must be of high quality and professional looking: it is what will qualify you as a company or as a professional. It can also contain a call to action with a direct contact or a phone number.

The groups
Groups are another important element of this platform: real aggregators for those who share common interests. Registering with a group allows you to get in touch with professionals in your sector, so that it can be easier to start working as collaborators.

Job offers
Companies also use Linkedin explicitly to look for collaborators. Thanks to the Work section – where you can post your announcements – the platform will show them to the profiles that are closest to the searched figure, automatically intertwining supply and demand